Ballet class chiangmai

Start learning from 4 years old

group class (3-5 people) ​

Ballet class chiangmai​

Ballet class chiangmai​ Group classes (3-5 people), from 4 years old and above.
Ballet is a form of dance that has specific techniques such as turn-out, body balancing, standing on toes, balancing, emphasizing elegance. By controlling the movement of the body through gestures to sway to the sound of classical music. And costumes that are unique (ballet tutu, point shoes) by ballet dance originated from the high-class dance in the Italian-French court. And because ballet is a science that has been developed for a long time. This makes ballet as a fundamental subject that adds techniques to other types of dance. Including the development of skills in pointing or dancing on the tip of the feet that gives the feeling of floating And is unique in ballet as well. Learners will learn to control different muscles. Used in ballet from the basics. to high-level dance

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